Marijuana Abuse Treatment

Although there is no specific drug that is used to treat marijuana, patients who find it hard to quit taking the drug can be helped by a detox program. A detox program is usually the first stage for the treatment of many forms of substance abuse, including marijuana abuse and addiction. The detox program should be medically supervised by a qualified and trained physician, especially one that is trained in handling marijuana abuse and addiction.

The most effective detox program should be able to effectively rid the patient’s body from the byproducts of marijuana use with minimal side effects and withdrawal symptoms. The patient may then be introduced into a 12 step program and counseled to address the underlying issues that caused the addiction in the first place. The counseling sessions may encourage group counseling as well, involving family members. The support of family members has been shown to significantly reduce the chances of a relapse in relation to all kinds of substance abuse.

Marijuana Abuse Treatment

A good rehab can go a long way in helping in the treatment of marijuana abuse. Some of the signs of a good rehab are:

There should be one-on-one counseling sessions between the patient and the counselors. Many rehab facilities try to cut on costs by only using group therapies where patients are counseled in large groups of twenty or more. While this kind of counseling has its place in the counseling process, it is not intended to replace individual counseling and should never be used as its substitute.

The rehab facility should be accredited or certified. Contrary to what many facilities that are not credited claim, a certified rehab facility is more likely to offer better quality services than one that is not. The accreditation involves having licensed employees in the facility, the professionals should have medical knowledge about the services they are offering and the facility’s services should meet the required standards for rehabilitation. A facility that is not accredited is naturally not answerable to anyone and they have no set standard for services and can therefore do as little as they choose to.

A good facility should involve family participation during the counseling sessions. The individual counseling sessions should be followed by family counseling sessions. It has been proven that the participation of family members is very important in preventing future relapses for the patient. Low-cost rehabs do not normally offer this service, and while this may be cheaper in the short term, it might have undesirable consequences once the patient is discharged from the facility.

There are other things that you should consider before choosing a good rehab facility. Some of these are:

A good rehab facility should offer the option of free treatment in case of a relapse. By doing this, the rehab facility makes sure that they offer top notch services and treatment and therefore minimize the chances of a relapse.

The kind of counseling given in a rehab facility is an indicator of the quality of treatment they offer. No one single of therapy can be effective for all kinds of addiction. A good rehab should have different forms of addiction therapy that are designed for treatment of different addictions.

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